Introduction to Loud thinking and MEOWA
I am introducing three new Words, SaFyRa to mean Awareness,
Consciousness, Conscious Awareness in English!, Dorjeh to
mean Body, and UnMoga to mean Meditation.
Introduction to Loud thinking
Do you use loud voice to communicate?.Do you use a language to
communicate?. If so then you must be using words. Beings that use a
language are habituated to using words for communication. Because
of this habit, thoughts rise and fall in our Safyra.
If you never been silent in your life, silence in this context meaning
the absence of loud voice to communicate, then I recommend you
check into a sea side resort, or a mountain cabin, or a secluded home
in a village and practice atleast one day of silence before you start
Sit in a posture for UnMoga or in a relaxed position in your couch or bed. Take a
few deep inhalations and exhalations, and then after the end of each exhalation,
speak out loudly whatever comes into your SaFyRa. Let’s call it a loud sentence.
Krabi is a nice town to relax and take breathtaking photos with amazing
I had a delicious red curry rice with thai aubergine for lunch with a tasty peanut
sauce, but suspects mild food poisoning.
I am concerned about some sick psychologists and criminals stealing my wealth
I want to work out and become sexier and enjoy wearing sexy bikini beach wear.
I am staying in a comfortable room but it is little overpriced.
Now instead of speaking out whatever comes into your SaFyRa in a loud voice,
slowly softly say it your inner Safyra with lips closed.  This is a loud thought.
Practice this technique of slowly softly saying loud thoughts in your SaFyRa. This
is Loud thinking UnMoga technique!.
Practice loud thinking UnMoga in the comfort of your home, say 15-30 minutes.
This is your first UnMoga technique.
You probably would use it your entire life.

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