Website Usage Policy

I own this website and all its Intellectual property as an individual. I am not member of any family or community. I am Pradeep Kumar xplorer, sole author and owner of this website and all its posts since 2004. I am not able to live in California where i have been naturalised by 14 years of life and the Indian and US government is covering up my international status by lies and deception. I am being exploited and forced to possess an Indian passport with an Emigration check required where as i should be posessing a US passport.I am a naturalised californian prevented from being in California and enjoying my money by an organisation of thieves that employed US DHS US CBP ICE using my money and prevented me from being in California and they stole all my identity documents i had of USA and past Indian passports. A user of the website acknowledges this crime and would help me recover the money thats stolen by these thieves. I also suspect the thieves are managing money using a palakkad address Gayathri Akathethara PO Palakkad Kerala, 678008 India. The viewers should accept that i dont live there or have even entered that property past 2010 and that nothing related to this website or my money can be managed or operated using that address. Delay of delivery of money to is crime. I can be contacted not by physical addresses but only by email and phone and that too the viewer should confirm that emails are not logged into and replied by someone else. The viewer should accept me as an international who is unable to travel to California or be there where i have been naturalised because of economic crime. The viewer should network with other viewers using a twitter group if possible and inform it to me. The viewer should not use Facebook as i suspect Facebook is a tool developed using my stolen money to prevent me getting direct emails or phone calls in the past. I have been prevented from being in California since 2008 when Facebook and then Facebook started adding more features and moved into my former SUN microsystems campus. I am reporting i have nothing against any Social media tools, but they cannot use my money when i need money for more basic things like owning a property and being with a woman. The viewer should accept me as a Californian by naturalisation as i have worked and lived in USA for 14 years and the viewers should fight against forces calling me a palakkad Native just because i am born there to continue their economic offense. The Viewer should accept that i have not recieved a single dollar subscriber help and view the website only if intention is to help by subscription and if helped in the past for viewing the website, accepting it as an economic offense and returning the money given to me. The viewer cannot view my website for their economic prosperity or to live and be employed travel. The viewer should accept me as a self employed impoverished because of lack of economic ethics and if in past has subscribed inform me and take back the money from any organisation self appointed teachers of the website as what is happening is economic offense. The viewer cannot pay any representatives any money if they have in the past reclaim it. A representative viewers information email, names and phone should be in the log i created. Until i recieve atleast 10 Million US dollars for the 13 years of publishing without Pay i cannot allow any representatives to teach Yoga self exploration or any classes using my website Intellectual property. The Viewer should accept my life situation as hardships and suffering and act in a way so i recieve this ten million US dollars atleast as soon as possible or now. The viewer should accept regardless of whether i was wealthy when i registered in 2004, i dont have the money, and i have not authorised any representatives lawyers accountants to manage my money and their argument that i am wealthy and cannot request subscription is a crime. The viewer should accept me as pioneer of WWW browser usage since 1992 and still not honored or paid by the WWW companies and so should think of free services in internet like Yahoo facebook gmail as possible companies/organisations preventing me from getting the money that i should have recieved when i left SUN microsystems position in 2002. Viewers from US should try and offer me a woman of my kind who can help me enter United States georgraphy and get a resolution of this financial crime. International Viewers should try and deliver atleast the 10 Million US dollars to me wherever i am as an individual and accept that i did not have any income last 13 years and victim of attacks in kerala palakkad and need atleast that much money to relocate and restablish in US or similar places. The viewer should accept my decision to be self employed and not be helped by corporations or organisations as an employee and manage such money on my own. The viewer should know that i use internet centers while travelling as a customer and they are spaces that i rent and use and i dont share my passwords with them. I have not requested for any internet center to be kept open for my use, i use it as available basis and cannot interact with managers of such internet centers or allow them to login to my emails or blogging accounts. I am saying i dont have any employee and i am not an employer. An organisation or company is built bottom up. The viewer should accept that i have been to many Yoga meditation groups as a customer and related to them as only a customer and not fall to prey to their persuasions to support them as my patrons well wishers as i would not be in this state if was really helped by any Yoga meditation groups. The viewer should not without leaving information follow me around use businesses i use to allow them to exploit me in some other model without explicit contract. I was a starbccks customer in any location as it was available, if all viewers used them instead of paying me subscription or even acknowledging me its my life that such viewers are creating problems.The viewers should accept that i am now fighting the 13 year financial crime and help end it. THis website and money send to me or "raised for its usage" is mine as an individual. It's being stolen and not given to me leading to this situation. It cannot be used as my ancestral wealth, It cannot be used as the wealth of kavassery pulappatta or valiya konikkalidam nor the wealth of anyone in India i have related to the 1990s or of anyone from palakkad or akathethara, India. I do not have any family in akathethara. I have an old mother who i need to rescuefrom the custody of many pretentious relatives and frends acting like they are her wellwishers. But this is prolonged leading to my isolation. Regardless of whether my mother is with me or not my money cannot be operated by others. I have been prevented from being in California by US Immigration authorities who thinks my personal wealth is ancestral as they are uneducated economic thieves promoted by other Born in the USA. I am 46 and i have not lived or travelled with a woman since 2001 because i dont have the cash. Those who view the website and are employed are economic thieves continuing the crime as they are not delivering the ATM cards or transferring money into the accounts i have given them thats needed for me to be in California and those who are holding my money as a companies organisations money are economic thieves. Regardless of whether i am with my mother or not , i should be with a woman of my kind who i can be sexual with and i should have enough cash properties and personal wealth and i have to know about it so i can be with woman. Its being made impossible by this economic crime and the criminals are trying to change the heir of value of money raised for websites usage. Someone cannot operate a bank account in my name or using my current or former surname and call me some one who left some woman or community behind and operate it. They cannot operate it as my representatives either. What i am saying i am operating a personal website and i have to be paid by my subscribers and whats happening is money has been raised many for the usage of my website without paying me any money and they are operating a company or organisation without my authorisation. I could have raised all the cash just using internet and this is unnecessary humans creating sufferings for me to sustain their lives and they have created 13 years of hardships for me.You cannot view my website use it and say that you cannot be my subscriber. If you view this website , you have to email me at and make payment to me of atleast 60 dollars for the Course on self exploration and atleast a 30 US dollars as yearly subscription.If you send me an email , i would definitely respond to it. If not you have to escalate it as an internet crime of emails not being delivered. Please call the US number listed in if emails are not delivered.I would give you instructions on how to pay. You cannot pay someone else for viewing my site whatever claim they have representatives, community or family. If you can pay more than 60 US dollars for the course and 30 US dollars for the course, you can do so. You cannot divert funds to some others by viewing this site. You cannot be just in my twitter list if you view my site. If you have consumed and enjoyed my journals and course in the past, you are requested to help me with a payment. If you have paid, it has not reached me and you have to help me recieve it. I am publishing this site for my survival and needs. Its not to employ an organisation or for them to run a show. I have reported to organisations like FBI as they can solve this for me. This is an international site and i am an international traveller unable to travel because of poverty. I am self employed and does not work for anyone to publish this site. If someone is claiming as an employer they are thieves partners to the crime. I have been publishing this website for almost a decade. An organisation of criminals have been diverting help from Viewers and thats an economic crime. You view the website, You pay me. Otherwise its a theft of my Intellectual property. I started hosting this since 2004 as a US permanent resident in California where i was a long term resident as a SUN Microsystems employee. Now i am not able to enter United States. I repeatedly state this is a silly and serious economic crime commited using the power of govts and i cannot solve it because now i am having an Indian passport. My money is not given to me because i have an Indian passport leading to a chicken and egg problem. I need money given to me wherever i am so i can relocate and create an identity document and lead my life where i want. AN employee of an organisation collecting money send to me are thieves. You are requested NOT show me respect or create organisations and services to respect me or service me. You are requested NOT to create an organisation to help me with problems i am facing like Immigration issues. All you have to do if you enjoy or have enjoyed my Course to make sure you pay me and payment reaches me. If it has not reached me , thats also an internet crime. If a company or organisation like Microsoft uses my website from inside its firewall and has send me compliance payments and if it has not reached me, it is still an economic and internet crime. The blogging account pradeepkumarxplorer is owned by me, and if anyone else is logging in its an internet and cybercrime. I suspect a community of cybercriminals claiming the value of this site by stealing my password and logging in as pradeepkumarxplorer.Using current technology i can know only the IP addresses of those who viewed and that too that provided by the hosting company. Please do not exploit me because of this lack of features in WWW software. I am an International citizen and not an Indian citizen or US citizen. This is an international website and i need to be helped by an international force. THis is an extremely clever crime of preventing me from being in US and exploiting me financially. I dont have any citizenship, i am a WWW citizen. US citizens are no one special so they can exploit me nor Indians can exploit me. I am stuck in India for long periods of time because of this economic crime. If someone is censoring my emails even if it is a US govt organisation, they need to be charged with the crime of stealing my money and intention of my murder I have not recieved a single email from Viewer of my site, i dont have to be a US citizen to recieve and read my emails. THis is a financial crime that is costing me time in my life and i need help. You are a viewer of this website if you subscribe to its updates by email and recieve it from another Viewer . As a viewer all those you transmit information you viewed from this site are also viewers and need to register otherwise as a viewer you should not inform anyone. A viewer not registering using the b2evolution are suspects to me. You can't be just in my Twitter list and view my site. You have to register and let me know who you are. if you are viewing my website for the second time or have consumed and enjoyed Course or journals the first time you view, Its an internet crime not to follow Website Usage Policy if you view this site. Please click on the TAB at the top to read WebsiteUsagePolicy. Follow me on twitter This information site is my yoga instruction and i am in need of your help to be financially independent and relocate. I publish this as an independent individual. I have been publishing since 2004, i wrote in from 2004 and from 2008 and from 2013. If you are a group/organisation/company/Individual that has paid me money, i am informing you that it has not reached me. I would like to have attention of companies like Microsoft, google, Yahoo, Facebook, Asiana airlines , Bank of America , United Nations and many more that i dont recollect as i have lost all my emails to because of violence against me. Its a cybercrime, please help me end it. I am 46 year old adult without anyone in my life and forced to stay in India and Unable to enter California where i have lived 14 years.Please do not expect any employment or help from any organisation by viewing this site, but rather try to help me. If you are in US, please call the FBI as i have filed numerous reports. I am unable to enter US or another country because i do not have money in my bank to request for a VISA. So i need to be helped in a marital relation to relocate. Its unacceptable that things kept hanging so i could be harmed again, i have been harmed several times in palakkad since 2010. You have to be an Adult to use this Website and be responsible for your own actions. If you are a viewer of my site last 12 years in addition to the website usage policy I am demanding that you register and let me know who you are. THIS IS NECESSARY WHOEVER YOU ARE INCLUDING ANY INVESTIGATORS AUTHORITIES EVEN IF YOU ARE PRESIDENT. OTHERWISE YOU ARE COMMITING A CYBERCRIME or have committed a cybercrime BY VIEWING MY SITE or having viewed my site AND consuming IT'S CONTENTS and not letting me know who you are and why you cannot pay me but an organisation. I am repeating it's a crime to run an organization and taking money from those would help me directly. I repeat I have not been able to collect large amount of money send to my emails or received smaller amounts. Each second of Delay in this is an intention of again harming me and making me disabled by indians. I have not fathered a child or lived in a relation past April 2001. Last year may this Clever organisation did not deliver a large value atm card and made me beg in paharganj and sleep in connaught place and then forced me to look for my mother in palakkad and instead of showing her to me clever criminal cousins detained me in a repulsive low caste hospital drugged me and made me eat low caste food for 4.5 months all my domains went down for non payment and several years emails of uncollected payments were lost and so I am extremely definite that the intention of this organization is crime and theft and so all money stolen by them has to be taken back.In addition i lost my yoga body and capability to do the Yoga sequence that i created. If you don't register and you consume the contents or has consumed the contents your intention is my murder and disability. I can make all posts community if money is paid to me viewable by registered users who can be individuals or representatives of groups. The president of United States is a criminal for creating a US Dhs to allow theft when I have immigrated to USA through sun microsystems as pioneer of a trillion dollar WWW economy. The Criminals cannot say they want to treat me like adulyatejs son to continue theft. I also demand some advanced yoga practitioners or users that has viewed and consumed my site register themselves and evaluate the intellectual property value of this site and email me their evaluation as the criminal relatives in palakkad and their criminal friends in western medical hospitals are claiming the intellectual property value of this site is zero and I am a disabled and they have already harmed me many times since 2007.otherwise all viewing has intention of making me a disabled and stealing all payments to me and it's crime and theft. A consumer of this site past or present has to send me email on how much money they can offer me for use of this site and course or how they can help me. They can't just send me email calling payment inheritance and lottery and extort money from me and never deliver atm or transfer funds. If they do they are doing it with some bad intention. You cannot call me wealthy American when I cannot even enter USA. You can't call me a prince to justify not paying me any money as I am leading a low class life for ten years. You cannot call this a groups work as I am the only one that has posted in last 12 years. You cannot call me a disabled when you have enjoyed my course and journals. By stealing payments to me or diverting subscriber help you are creating suffering for me and and an old mother I have. You have to help me directly and not my mother, interacting with her or paying her money cannot be used to override what's mentioned in this site or the website usage policy or paying me money for the course and journals. I am an individual with no family or real connections or real community now ,my mother is not my family just a mother. You cannot justify viewing this and overriding what I have requested to follow saying you are a cousin or relative or their connection or mother's frend or saying I am your customer. Again I have not authorised anyone to work employ as my representative nor I know of anyone who is doing it as the first contact Should be an email from you. If you send email and its not delivered it's intention of my murder and disability by bluehost. Com. My email is and phone numbers are listed I Contact information. If you cannot contact me by phone or sms then it's intention of my murder and disability by Vodafone. You cannot be in my Twitter following or followed list or Facebook frend list or Facebook connections and override this website usage policy. That means you cannot be in those social media tools and connect with me and not register in this site if you view it. You can't collect money or use money collected In the past on a region say united kingdom or South Africa or Malaysia or USA using this site and send me Email and use it as an organisation to employ yoga instructors or some others and never pay me the money. I have lost money to Africa and United Kingdom representatives In the past and money was never given to me. You can say as a representative I can help you with this much and these are the costs involved. It's a crime if you don't register . Its a crime if you have used this site to be employed or employ others or use the money raised using this site for charitable purpose or employ yourself as a representative of some organisation like United Nations. You cannot say you are my government and take money from viewers of this site or that I am aligned to some political party and use that party to raise cash using viewers of my site for your political agenda. You cannot say you are my government and prevent me from being helped by viewers of my site or receiving money in a bank or other form of payments as I was not able to receive money into Thailand or India. You cannot say you are my government and prevent me entering a place I have lived long like United States or Thailand. You cannot say you are my bank and keep money raised using this site. You cannot say you are my justice department and that I owe money to others and control money raised from viewers of this site. I am again expressing that I am victim of 12 year diversion of subscriber help. You cannot say I am a disabled and steal or operate my money. You are liable to pay me back whatever you have raised using this site since 2004 as I have never authorised you to do it. You cannot own a property in my name or as a representative viewing this site from money raised using this site and manage it and letting me use it once in a while. You cannot manage own property purchased from cash raised using this site with the claim that you are my past connection or say I am your family and use it. You have to contact me by email and have explicit contracts for it. You cannot operate employ software groups using cash raised using this site saying I have proposed a solution I need for this site or I am currently using your software or www accounts and services that were advertised for free like YouTube or b2evolution or yahoo or google gmail. You cannot use cash raised using this site saying you are my hosting service provider when I pay for such services as a customer. You cannot say you are a potential future woman partner who can be sexual with me and father a child in future and not contact me by email, register in this site or phone and use this site. You cannot use money raised using this site to promote or produce a particular product I consume or maintain a shop business that I use as a customer. You can't hold money in an overseas bank and employ immigration authorities saying I am a potential future immigrant. You cannot say my security is at risk and take money from viewers and be employed as security staff when I can have real woman with me as partners to protect me. You cannot own a property where I have stayed staying or could possibly stay in future without explicit email contracts and I have to be informed all properties I own by direct email messages. You cannot consume my site without paying me, registering, by just respecting me or allowing me to use your businesses. You have to inform me any property businesses owned and disposed in the Last 12 years using this site. You cannot delay any payment to me and control how much I spend or control where I would be and what I would do. You cannot operate to suggest anything to me. You cannot run a show to give feedback and not pay me any money. You cannot show or tell anything to say you know of my past. You cannot be my doctor or psychiatrist as i am self healer who does not need such help and consider them thieves and harmful and expend my subscribers help owing hospitals and as staff of those hospitals. You cannot control my life and try to enforce your belief systems on me. You have to help end the crime that is going on for twelve years and has taken a toll of my life. you cannot say you are a woman I have been sexual in the past and not contact me by email or register and take my subscribers help unless i can offer it to you directly. You cannot say I have been to your community or class past colleague or classmate school college mate and not send me email or register in this site and continue viewing this site. You cannot say I have been friendly with you in past or encountered me while traveling and not send me email or register to use this site. You cannot say you are for wealthy or in positions of power and secrecy and not contact me by email or register and use this site. you cannot say you need to meet me in person first and use that as an excuse to not send me email or register and use this site. You cannot view my site and just put me in your emailing list and not register. Once you register You have to follow the website usage policy. You cannot say you are another Internet publisher and have evidence I have used your online postings and use that a reason to view my site and not send me email as I am willing to follow your website usage policy or postings use policy. you cannot say you know my mother or father and view my site and not send me email or register and still use this site. You cannot say someone like my mother or another informed you about this site and not send me email or register and still use this site. You cannot say you are an actress actor or artist that has entertained me and view my site and not send me email or register and still use this site. I am not the king or raja of any community of viewers or others so some can just show me their face and divert my subscribers help or take help from subscribers help. I am stuck in India a place i do not want to be even for a second. SOme fraud is happening using an Indian and US government and i demand that no one expect the few i am directly contacting to help end the crime in California view my website without actually subscribing to me. Indians cannot view my website if they cannot actually deposit cash into my account for subscription and the same goes with US residents. I am not a representative of US or India. I am isolated and without woman in my life for many years. Only my mother is helping me and she has to view my website herself those who contact her should not view my website and expend my money and justify theft. I have no need to meet my mother in kerala. Because of this crime i am forced to go there. I can take care of her as a dependent old woman in US or Thailand without having to contact anyone from India as she is being used by the thieves to continue this crime. Regardless of her willingness my money should be in my control so i can lead my life. THis is a crime where many are expending money that i should be using to own a property and be with woman as representatives and i am suffering for many years. I demand Indians and USA residents not view my website until a tranfer of atleast million US dollars is effected to one of the banks and i post in the website i recieved it. THose who viewed my websites and employed are criminals to me and cause of my suffering. I do not want any western medical practitioners and category of nurses medical representatives and their kind those who deal with pharmacy drugs ever view my website. If you are employed by viewing website its a crime and a serious crime. You cannot hope for me to get the money and continue to be employed. You cannot view my website if i use your business as service provider for staying while travelling or eating food unless you actually enforce a payment. YOu cannot be representative investigators or security guards employed to protect me and view my website. I am saying what i am put thorugh is many years of suffering because of some criminals in akathethara or palakkad and their types internationally. They dont have any concept of ethical economic practices. Never use my website if you are a facebook user as that company is openly criminal in taking my money and now its very hard for me to prove and i have recieved no subscriber help and in addition money that i should have recieved has been used to employ viewers of my website. As such its important that viewers of website deposit cash into ICICI bank account 026201518507 and inform me by SMS +91.9538235464 Those in Thailand or internationals can deposit cash into kasikorn bank account Pradeep Kumar xplorer account number : 4132107357 SWIFT CODE KASITHBK Kasikorn bank, Add:147/11-2 Rd, Changkran,T Changkran Chiangmai 50100. I have to recieve SMS after a deposit. If i dont recieve any money from Viewers then its an Open crime continuing. Please SMS after deposit and ensure i recieve it as this is organised crime by private banks and public authorities. +91.9538236454 I am a victim of organised crime by economic offenders for 13 years and i dont have any tolerance for this crime to be continued. I have no interest in meeting with any celebrities or presidents or ministers. Its my personal life a deceptive group is continuing to destroy. I could have enjoyed a good life since 2004 as i pioneered the WWW Browser revolution. DO NOT VIEW THIS WEBSITE IF YOU ARE A MEDICAL STUDENT OR WESTERN MEDICAL PRACTITIONER USING PHARMACY DRUGS or any kind of physician always trying to find a patient in others for their survival. I am a self healer and does not need the services of any kind of medical practitioner. Do not view this website if you are employed in promoting sales of any pharmacy drugs or any kind of drugs or hospitals. I am a self healer not needing services of any doctors hospitals or physicians and controls my experiences by eating habits and fitness. I am not member of any government because of this financial crime. I have to be given my money first and a choice as this is going on for 13 years. No financial transactions cannot take place using an Indian passport i am forced to posess because of this crime. Thats a document i requested to solve the financial crime as it was stolen last year in India and yet the international ATM issued by Zenith bank in dollars was not given to me. Now the VISA network says its ICBA bank and they have not delivered the ATM. This website or any money send to me cannot be held back or operated using this identity document as i have not lived in that home nor own it since Jun 2010. Because of this cybercrime i am forced to use Cybercafes or internet centers that are like small businesses operated sometimes they have some auditing software or session managers. I am a customer there and does not accept any of their policies or Information technology acts of India as i would not be in a cybercafe or internet center if my money is with me, i would be in my space using the internet with a laptop or a computer. I have used the services of and as a hosting account customer and the payments made to me cannot be used to sustain their businesses or employ more. I use them as they were available as succesful hosting service providers. Many times i have lost my emails and files because of my inability to pay for hosting account. If any employees of or has used my website, the same website usage policies applies to them as well. The website viewers should not pay or support any of my service providers or pay to create and support some authorities for me. I am now suggesting some projects for internet and uploading it in and calling VISA international tollfree and eating in restaurents and marts. The website viewers cannot run an organisation and support these and justify viewing my website. I am now an extremely poor because of 13 years of an organisation operating. None of money paid to me should be operated using any of the identity documents issued by Indian and US government two offensive governments allowing many representatives to prevent me recieving money. I have a Indian passport now issued as without it i wont be able to operate a bank account here even though i am an international, thats crime by Indian banks. The KYC details of bank just needs this website address. I have a PAN number(s) ANAPK0929R and a US tax id 619726729 that was issued in India in 2000/2001 and in US in 1994 suspected to be misused. I do not have a physical address. I have already reported name change to Indian income tax department and their interfaces saying my card could only be shipped to gayathri akathethara palakkad adds to my suspicion that some organisation is operating in palakkad justifying use of my money saying i am born in palakkad. The website viewers have to deliver the ATM card / money to me and help me support an old mother , instead an old mother is being used to run an organisation for several years. This website should look the same from all locations. This website or me have nothing to do with kerala or Indian temples or their committees or organisations Because of this long crime i have been forced to stay near many and i suspect them. Relatives of my mother, Father their friends/neighbours and their children and whoever related to them and their friends and connections should not view this website as they are being used to prevent me recieving any money and this has destroyed my life in California. Because of cybercrime in 2015 and non delivery of VISA ATM and consequent violence against me that resulted in me being attacked and detained in low caste hospitals and drugged and detained until the websites went down for non payment to, and some criminals registering using i had to register for 2 dollars and i suspect to be partners to this crime. All the website usage policy applies for everyone accesing the website using as well. I am not operator of ISPs and i see bluehostcom in India as as well.