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Planet of moonlight Sexual or Creative Magic I would want to be in a planet where theres only moonlight and day light exists only in my dreams
How far away
From you
if a hologram is projected
It would be impossible to determine with the gravity of your body
Thats its an object of Gravity
or a hologram of levity
(This is image using Nikon D70S 50mm 1.4- that i dont have any more , i sold for 3000 baht in 2011)
There are no still objects that stand for eons in outerspace But only in your inner space
As whatever existed as Outerspace is self created and ephemeral

I discovered Malayalam might be whispering langauge of elephants in magical past Cambodia barongue derived from Kombodio meaning would my tusk break in fight..This hardrock mountain is in local sland Koombachi mala or kombachi mala, the place might have had female elephants with tusk , achi is feminine of achan father in local slang, kombu is tusk, THis is pic of my mother who has eye problems because of this cybercrime and backdrop is hardrock mountain in palakkad i was forced to sleep in 2015 and 2014 because of cybercrime. My mother reported she does not have one eyesight and its because of being drugged and lack of levitating healthy foods that i could have arranged. She need to be contacted and made healthy enough to help me fight this cybercrime.. +91.8289821911
Different kind of beings and their Yoga and self exploration
Body of earth are sometimes stiff with knots and tensions to release and does Yoga poses and other body work What would a body of water or space or air do? WHat kind of beings would there be in a realm like SUN and what yoga would they do?
Levity Gravity The chocolate of levity would manifest as what you want it to be The chocolate of gravity is what you get from this world thats gravitated from cocoa The singha beer of levity would manifest as what you want it to be of gravity is what you get from this world similarily in levity the effects of a yoga pose would manifest as what you want it to be
Sayanhns Evenings Science
The Need for a Source, Why do you see a SUN as Source of light? Evenings and twilights are magical as theres no source of light its darkness falling, We have an energetic belief, that theres a need for source of light energy, and so we See a SUN, We as beings with eyes, have probably inherited this, If you can fold this belief, Your world could have no SUN, I dont see a source of sound, a source of touch, or scent, or taste or other senses, Why do you see a SUN emitting light?, when did this belief originate, If theres an all powerful being source for a sensory realm, then that being can manifest anything in that sensory realm for you
Ashtanga of this information site Yama - Practice of Loud Thinking and other Unmogas, adherence to the truth of your being Niyamas - Having no rules or learning Asana - Practice of body work, yoga poses, fitness practices, massages Pratyahara - Folding Pranayama - Control of energy, controlling your heartbeats, cognitive pulses, blinks Dharana - Controlling the ripples, creating your circles in the sphere of the world (Gravitating to a world) Dhyana - Expansion into the unfolded world of many circles (Levitating to a world) Samadhi - Identifying and enjoying all the beings subjects in your world that you have created by alternating between your being and other beings
Either I am like Immersed in ICE without eyes, or with eyes and without the comfort of chilling ICE
Kand(To see) Kund(Anus) Kind Kindle Folding Unfolding I am the Martian Ocean in deep rest immersed in my own energy body devoid of sensory realms Why would a mermaid manifest from my body to enjoy the world of forms and colors and sounds and sexuality Is the act of unfolding elimination ?
Seeing the interplay between self and world , levity and gravity as alternating current The self unfolds in levity and creates the world in one part of the wave The world freezes folds and gravitates and creates the self in other part of the wave
Passenger Driver paradox in levity If you get on a plane or a boat or an auto as a passenger if the world is self created and ephemeral who is driving the vehicle, you or the driver?
Body of balanced fire and ice By practice of bodywork I would want a body of ice with fire Or of fire with ice Not too skinny or obese
Na, Lak, Sara These are three characters i would want to enjoy, or have enjoyed in my past lives, or have as my masseuse or sex partner, When i combine them, Nalaksara, i get the meaning four characters, Probably these are Khmer characters! In my world view, four yoga poses appeared. Na - meaning water - Water fall pose Lak - Plough pose Sara - Scorpio pose Na Lak Sara - fourth letter or pose - Reclining Diamond Pose
The little pearl, lying in the ocean bottom, opened its mouth and exhaled out a few bubbles, the bubbles rose and transformed into, enormous mountains as it surfaced, no one could figure out how the bubbles, became mountains with dense vegetation and life, and the little pearl could only see the bubbles around it.
Memory Earth Water If you go to a beach You can scribble your name on sand It would be there until the wind swipes it away But you cannot scribble easily your name in ocean We are like earth gravitated We are more levitated when we become like water
The world is self created and ephemeral The view of your unfolded world depends on the energetic learnings beliefs When you are in Space and flying as you are in Space mode with infinite possibilities the world around you could change fast If i am on a ship with world view that its a vast ocean with many islands then i might discover more lands Can you fly a plane now with world view that earth is not round but you are flying atop a vast infinite ocean then you might discover new lands
Are you 170 pounds, with ten pounds of faeces in your underbelly, Or are you 130 pounds, with no faeces in your underbelly, what do you prefer to be, when do you know how to stop eating, once you start eating, Have you experimented with different foods, do you like their energies, i ate too much potatoes, and did not like its energy, i ate too much wheat, that was OK, too much peanuts, not OK, Thats me with lot of faeces in my stomach in annapurna circuit trekking as i was less intelligent about food habits
In levity Your body is the world In gravity Your body is the center And world is the circle At some point in unfoldment Is the emergence of form Can I chose to be a glacier in mountain Or A mermaid in ocean Or a sexy wiccan seductress Or a bear in the mountains In gravity You move in your world In levity You move or hop across worlds Like snakes that can shed skin The leviter would be able to shed memory Allowing possibilities of newer bodies and worlds
Speed levity gravity When you move You speed up first in gravity using energy and mechanics and your caty body And you hit levity and then you speed in levity When the world moves as a whole You would be afraid to move
The Event Happened, This is Just Three words How it happened Can be explained in 100 words, or a million words Why it happened can add another million words, The event still happened Its either three words or a million words You close your eyes the event happened you open your eyes It can be as simple as Magical invocation
In levity theres only experience As soon as theres a being an experiencor Its gravitated as a being implying life lifetime the beings word and worlds and memories
Enter stillness of your heart where knowledge does not create thought patterns Infinitely calm and yet tangible Meditate on me and enter vast realms of beauty and immortal pleasures - This is written by effects of a blue saphire i had in 2006, i dont use the word meditation now
The waterfall has a body of its own, it flows and enjoys being its own element, Water, gushing with freedom and energy, The waterfall is in its own world, It does not have beings that come near to it, or a mountain with a slope and deep gorge, and rainfalls and clouds and ocean and earth, It exists for the logicians percieving the waterfall
My Dorjeh - Body felt like a water fountain, releasing tension through a thousand pores, i was in a reverie, i was in the middle of a greek ocean, light green water with a hint of blue, i was in a marble structure, relaxing in a bed, with nymphs and beautiful statues, and mirrors all around, i could see my beauty all around, i felt like ancient sea god varuna, i was being pampered by warm hands
The world is self created and ephemeral The self and the world exists simulateanously like a line connecting two points The self wont exist without the world or the world wont exist without the self Communication is a connected line between two points It exists as a whole in the present and in an instance of time Did you hear it or did someone say it? You heard it because someone said it Or you heard it and it Created some who said it Similarily the perception of the world is like a connected line between two points
Today after a long time i sat for a short meditation. It bought back to me memories of a trans-pacific flight i took few years ago. Something i did left me with a sense of wonder of the enormity of the thing which i was going to do. I no longer was scientific, nor remembered that science had advanced enough to send vehicles to space and beyond. There was no memory of the previous flights. I did not remember the science of automobiles or such a thing like fuel existed which could be burnt to create energy which could be transformed into kinetic energy. All i saw was that i am going to get into a huge vehicle from some sort of fantasy land which had a huge collection of such vehicles parked, some flying into the air, some coming and landing. The whole place was well lit like day time. The fantasy land had huge ceilings. This vehicle was enormous and i am going to get inside of it with several other tiny creatures like myself and some magic will levitate the vehicle and take it across an ocean which is a million times the length of the vehicle. I was in deep fear. At the same time i knew that it is going to happen. This is what happens when you really empty yourselves. (I do not use the word meditation now)
Introduction to Loud thinking and MEOWA I am introducing three new Words, SaFyRa to mean Awareness, Consciousness, Conscious Awareness in English!, Dorjeh to mean Body, and UnMoga to mean Meditation. Introduction to Loud thinking Do you use loud voice to communicate?.Do you use a language to communicate?. If so then you must be using words. Beings that use a language are habituated to using words for communication. Because of this habit, thoughts rise and fall in our Safyra. If you never been silent in your life, silence in this context meaning the absence of loud voice to communicate, then I recommend you check into a sea side resort, or a mountain cabin, or a secluded home in a village and practice atleast one day of silence before you start this!. Technique Sit in a posture for UnMoga or in a relaxed position in your couch or bed. Take a few deep inhalations and exhalations, and then after the end of each exhalation, speak out loudly whatever comes into your SaFyRa. Let us call it a loud sentence. Krabi is a nice town to relax and take breathtaking photos with amazing perpectives. I had a delicious red curry rice with thai aubergine for lunch with a tasty peanut sauce, but suspects mild food poisoning. I am concerned about some sick psychologists and criminals stealing my wealth I want to work out and become sexier and enjoy wearing sexy bikini beach wear. I am staying in a comfortable room but it is little overpriced. Now instead of speaking out whatever comes into your SaFyRa in a loud voice, slowly softly say it your inner Safyra with lips closed. This is a loud thought. Practice this technique of slowly softly saying loud thoughts in your SaFyRa. This is Loud thinking UnMoga technique!. Practice loud thinking UnMoga in the comfort of your home, say 15-30 minutes. This is your first UnMoga technique. You probably would use it your entire life. Pradeep Kumar Xplorer
Theres beauty in certain spaces and beings that are immersed in Nondual energetic realms Like a Yogin High and immersed in their own inner space Near a chilled Glaciated waterfall, or landscapes that are not tainted by disturbing vibrations and exists by itself immersed in its NonDual energetic realms Manifesting as spaces and beings with external beauty and magnetism for a perciever
In levity when you are enoying the light realm, you would see more reflections shadows, all in your visual realm are your subjects until you gravitate to think of real and hard out there objects
Levitating intense Gravity hot tubs
Sometimes words are more powerful communication, a word is equivalent to a thousand photos as it can evoke multiple responses and contents of safyra in the listener

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