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Planet of moonlight Sexual or Creative Magic I would want to be in a planet where theres only moonlight and day light exists only in my dreams
How far away
From you
if a hologram is projected
It would be impossible to determine with the gravity of your body
Thats its an object of Gravity
or a hologram of levity
(This is image using Nikon D70S 50mm 1.4- that i dont have any more , i sold for 3000 baht in 2011)
There are no still objects that stand for eons in outerspace But only in your inner space
As whatever existed as Outerspace is self created and ephemeral

I discovered Malayalam might be whispering langauge of elephants in magical past Cambodia barongue derived from Kombodio meaning would my tusk break in fight..This hardrock mountain is in local sland Koombachi mala or kombachi mala, the place might have had female elephants with tusk , achi is feminine of achan father in local slang, kombu is tusk, THis is pic of my mother who has eye problems because of this cybercrime and backdrop is hardrock mountain in palakkad i was forced to sleep in 2015 and 2014 because of cybercrime. My mother reported she does not have one eyesight and its because of being drugged and lack of levitating healthy foods that i could have arranged. She need to be contacted and made healthy enough to help me fight this cybercrime.. +91.8289821911
Different kind of beings and their Yoga and self exploration
Body of earth are sometimes stiff with knots and tensions to release and does Yoga poses and other body work What would a body of water or space or air do? WHat kind of beings would there be in a realm like SUN and what yoga would they do?
Levity Gravity The chocolate of levity would manifest as what you want it to be The chocolate of gravity is what you get from this world thats gravitated from cocoa The singha beer of levity would manifest as what you want it to be of gravity is what you get from this world similarily in levity the effects of a yoga pose would manifest as what you want it to be
Sayanhns Evenings Science
The Need for a Source, Why do you see a SUN as Source of light? Evenings and twilights are magical as theres no source of light its darkness falling, We have an energetic belief, that theres a need for source of light energy, and so we See a SUN, We as beings with eyes, have probably inherited this, If you can fold this belief, Your world could have no SUN, I dont see a source of sound, a source of touch, or scent, or taste or other senses, Why do you see a SUN emitting light?, when did this belief originate, If theres an all powerful being source for a sensory realm, then that being can manifest anything in that sensory realm for you
Ashtanga of this information site Yama - Practice of Loud Thinking and other Unmogas, adherence to the truth of your being Niyamas - Having no rules or learning Asana - Practice of body work, yoga poses, fitness practices, massages Pratyahara - Folding Pranayama - Control of energy, controlling your heartbeats, cognitive pulses, blinks Dharana - Controlling the ripples, creating your circles in the sphere of the world (Gravitating to a world) Dhyana - Expansion into the unfolded world of many circles (Levitating to a world) Samadhi - Identifying and enjoying all the beings subjects in your world that you have created by alternating between your being and other beings
Either I am like Immersed in ICE without eyes, or with eyes and without the comfort of chilling ICE
Kand(To see) Kund(Anus) Kind Kindle Folding Unfolding I am the Martian Ocean in deep rest immersed in my own energy body devoid of sensory realms Why would a mermaid manifest from my body to enjoy the world of forms and colors and sounds and sexuality Is the act of unfolding elimination ?
Seeing the interplay between self and world , levity and gravity as alternating current The self unfolds in levity and creates the world in one part of the wave The world freezes folds and gravitates and creates the self in other part of the wave
Passenger Driver paradox in levity If you get on a plane or a boat or an auto as a passenger if the world is self created and ephemeral who is driving the vehicle, you or the driver?
Body of balanced fire and ice By practice of bodywork I would want a body of ice with fire Or of fire with ice Not too skinny or obese
Na, Lak, Sara These are three characters i would want to enjoy, or have enjoyed in my past lives, or have as my masseuse or sex partner, When i combine them, Nalaksara, i get the meaning four characters, Probably these are Khmer characters! In my world view, four yoga poses appeared. Na - meaning water - Water fall pose Lak - Plough pose Sara - Scorpio pose Na Lak Sara - fourth letter or pose - Reclining Diamond Pose
The little pearl, lying in the ocean bottom, opened its mouth and exhaled out a few bubbles, the bubbles rose and transformed into, enormous mountains as it surfaced, no one could figure out how the bubbles, became mountains with dense vegetation and life, and the little pearl could only see the bubbles around it.
Memory Earth Water If you go to a beach You can scribble your name on sand It would be there until the wind swipes it away But you cannot scribble easily your name in ocean We are like earth gravitated We are more levitated when we become like water
The world is self created and ephemeral The view of your unfolded world depends on the energetic learnings beliefs When you are in Space and flying as you are in Space mode with infinite possibilities the world around you could change fast If i am on a ship with world view that its a vast ocean with many islands then i might discover more lands Can you fly a plane now with world view that earth is not round but you are flying atop a vast infinite ocean then you might discover new lands
Are you 170 pounds, with ten pounds of faeces in your underbelly, Or are you 130 pounds, with no faeces in your underbelly, what do you prefer to be, when do you know how to stop eating, once you start eating, Have you experimented with different foods, do you like their energies, i ate too much potatoes, and did not like its energy, i ate too much wheat, that was OK, too much peanuts, not OK, Thats me with lot of faeces in my stomach in annapurna circuit trekking as i was less intelligent about food habits
In levity Your body is the world In gravity Your body is the center And world is the circle At some point in unfoldment Is the emergence of form Can I chose to be a glacier in mountain Or A mermaid in ocean Or a sexy wiccan seductress Or a bear in the mountains In gravity You move in your world In levity You move or hop across worlds Like snakes that can shed skin The leviter would be able to shed memory Allowing possibilities of newer bodies and worlds
Speed levity gravity When you move You speed up first in gravity using energy and mechanics and your caty body And you hit levity and then you speed in levity When the world moves as a whole You would be afraid to move
The Event Happened, This is Just Three words How it happened Can be explained in 100 words, or a million words Why it happened can add another million words, The event still happened Its either three words or a million words You close your eyes the event happened you open your eyes It can be as simple as Magical invocation
In levity theres only experience As soon as theres a being an experiencor Its gravitated as a being implying life lifetime the beings word and worlds and memories
Enter stillness of your heart where knowledge does not create thought patterns Infinitely calm and yet tangible Meditate on me and enter vast realms of beauty and immortal pleasures - This is written by effects of a blue saphire i had in 2006, i dont use the word meditation now
The waterfall has a body of its own, it flows and enjoys being its own element, Water, gushing with freedom and energy, The waterfall is in its own world, It does not have beings that come near to it, or a mountain with a slope and deep gorge, and rainfalls and clouds and ocean and earth, It exists for the logicians percieving the waterfall
My Dorjeh - Body felt like a water fountain, releasing tension through a thousand pores, i was in a reverie, i was in the middle of a greek ocean, light green water with a hint of blue, i was in a marble structure, relaxing in a bed, with nymphs and beautiful statues, and mirrors all around, i could see my beauty all around, i felt like ancient sea god varuna, i was being pampered by warm hands
The world is self created and ephemeral The self and the world exists simulateanously like a line connecting two points The self wont exist without the world or the world wont exist without the self Communication is a connected line between two points It exists as a whole in the present and in an instance of time Did you hear it or did someone say it? You heard it because someone said it Or you heard it and it Created some who said it Similarily the perception of the world is like a connected line between two points
Today after a long time i sat for a short meditation. It bought back to me memories of a trans-pacific flight i took few years ago. Something i did left me with a sense of wonder of the enormity of the thing which i was going to do. I no longer was scientific, nor remembered that science had advanced enough to send vehicles to space and beyond. There was no memory of the previous flights. I did not remember the science of automobiles or such a thing like fuel existed which could be burnt to create energy which could be transformed into kinetic energy. All i saw was that i am going to get into a huge vehicle from some sort of fantasy land which had a huge collection of such vehicles parked, some flying into the air, some coming and landing. The whole place was well lit like day time. The fantasy land had huge ceilings. This vehicle was enormous and i am going to get inside of it with several other tiny creatures like myself and some magic will levitate the vehicle and take it across an ocean which is a million times the length of the vehicle. I was in deep fear. At the same time i knew that it is going to happen. This is what happens when you really empty yourselves. (I do not use the word meditation now)
Introduction to Loud thinking and MEOWA I am introducing three new Words, SaFyRa to mean Awareness, Consciousness, Conscious Awareness in English!, Dorjeh to mean Body, and UnMoga to mean Meditation. Introduction to Loud thinking Do you use loud voice to communicate?.Do you use a language to communicate?. If so then you must be using words. Beings that use a language are habituated to using words for communication. Because of this habit, thoughts rise and fall in our Safyra. If you never been silent in your life, silence in this context meaning the absence of loud voice to communicate, then I recommend you check into a sea side resort, or a mountain cabin, or a secluded home in a village and practice atleast one day of silence before you start this!. Technique Sit in a posture for UnMoga or in a relaxed position in your couch or bed. Take a few deep inhalations and exhalations, and then after the end of each exhalation, speak out loudly whatever comes into your SaFyRa. Let us call it a loud sentence. Krabi is a nice town to relax and take breathtaking photos with amazing perpectives. I had a delicious red curry rice with thai aubergine for lunch with a tasty peanut sauce, but suspects mild food poisoning. I am concerned about some sick psychologists and criminals stealing my wealth I want to work out and become sexier and enjoy wearing sexy bikini beach wear. I am staying in a comfortable room but it is little overpriced. Now instead of speaking out whatever comes into your SaFyRa in a loud voice, slowly softly say it your inner Safyra with lips closed. This is a loud thought. Practice this technique of slowly softly saying loud thoughts in your SaFyRa. This is Loud thinking UnMoga technique!. Practice loud thinking UnMoga in the comfort of your home, say 15-30 minutes. This is your first UnMoga technique. You probably would use it your entire life. Pradeep Kumar Xplorer
Theres beauty in certain spaces and beings that are immersed in Nondual energetic realms Like a Yogin High and immersed in their own inner space Near a chilled Glaciated waterfall, or landscapes that are not tainted by disturbing vibrations and exists by itself immersed in its NonDual energetic realms Manifesting as spaces and beings with external beauty and magnetism for a perciever
In levity when you are enoying the light realm, you would see more reflections shadows, all in your visual realm are your subjects until you gravitate to think of real and hard out there objects
Levitating intense Gravity hot tubs
Sometimes words are more powerful communication, a word is equivalent to a thousand photos as it can evoke multiple responses and contents of safyra in the listener

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I suspect citibank accounts supporting icann.org but they are not meeting me and giving me ATM card that can be given. This is phone call made to hemambika nagar police station 04912555208 Calls made recently to Hemambika nagar police station. Someone is misrepresenting me as from palakkad with a gayathri akathethara po address and partnering with the theft of money send to me. Some criminals have stolen my Malabar passport with the expired address H5748195 and i suspect now delhi police partner to this crime. This is call to an old mother who is still disrespectful to me and allowing her criminal friends and relatives to exploit me. Call to Visalakshy Ihave reported to that woman i have only 800Rs for the weekend and i cannot just exist eating food and being in a room. Her apathy and lack of respect is evidence of continuing crime by all who are in contact with her. The chinmaya mission and Udit chaithanya are criminals to me preventing me from fathering a child and not educating her that this is my website and i dont need anyones permission authorisation to provide my guidance.I have maintained this website clutter free and many have enjoyed it now its impossible without me getting money to lead my personal life . This is call i made to woman in oakland Call to woman in oakland 0015102617243 i have met and was intensely sexual with as lesbian fitness when i was living in California late 90s and early 2000s This is receipt of payment made to place i stayed in Mysore where ATM was not deliveredReceipt of payment I was prevented from sleeping in Connaught place by delhi police in 2015 when i was in Delhi with no cash because of Zenith bank ATM not delivered to me and my mother missing and no one in palakkad reporting to me that she has reached palakkad. I have no clue why they could not give me ATM. I was adviced to sleep in streetroad in which there was a sikh gurudwara , hanuman temple and a DBS Bank. I slept near DBS bank because of having no cash and no information where my mother is in June 2015 and when i woke up they have robbed me of my passport and sandals. I suspect someone must have collected the Zenith bank ATM with that passport and i demand Ibrahim lamorde charged with harming me by international forces.I had to get a new passport issued by Cochin in 2016. I suspect that passport is being used to prevent me from getting money. If i get money i can easily get a world travel document or other document. I am saying i am not a representative of INdia , i am forced by these financial criminals to exist in India to prevent me fathering a child in poverty. An evidence of crime is VISA card 4121678457320025 prepaid debit issued to my name pradeep kumar xplorer Mar 2015 by Zenith bank and not delivered yet and now the VISA number is some other bank. VISA international stopped redirecting my calls to Zenith bank when i started posting recordings of my phone calls. The money has been expended and not paid to me but despite repeated emails askvisausa@visa.com and zenithdirect@zenithbank.com is not revealing it. HDFC account holder AMK enterprises and Axis bank account holder tekraj dilkayat are two criminals that extorted 40000rs and 16000 Rs from me and Ibrahim lamorde is another criminal who did not keep his word. I am not getting direct emails from viewers and an organisation is being run using my subscribers help. Similarily i have been exploited openly ever since registration of dhyanayoga.info in 2004 and more severely since 2013. someone has logged into bluehost.com control panel from Mysore and i dont know how to charge them or stop them.I have posted cybercrime details in CYBERCRIME and CYBERCRIME SOMEONE HAS LOGGED INTO MY BLUEHOST.COM CONTROL PANEL FROM NETCORNER AND SRINIVAS INTERNET CENTERS IN GOKULAM MYSORE when i used the center as a yoga traveller customer AND THATS OPEN CRIME.Similarily many such logins have ben detected by me because of me forced to use internet centers because of me not being able to afford a laptop/broadband connection or big android tablet. I AM FORCED TO USE INTERNET CENTERS BECAUSE OF NOT BEING ABLE TO GET THE ATM OR MONEY IN ICICI OR KASIKORN BANK ACCOUNTS AND SO I CANNOT OWN A BIG TABLET OR LAPTOP I STAYED ALMOST TWO MONTHS IN MYSORE IN ANUGRAHA LODGE 221 SAYYAJI ROAD MYSORE ALONE AND I PAID SOME CASH 80 percent of rent for my stay over two months i was bitten by bugs for one week. Even though i gave details of my website they also did not enforce delivery of ATM to my address. I dont have 8.3 million dollars paid to me Mar 2015 or 35 million dollars paid to my kasikorn bank accounts or 5.5 million dollars paid by some one in Montana and no other atms or promised money by emails or contact with individual subscribers. This file index.php was truncated by some insider in bluehost.com when i edited the file using my android LG small mobile phone and added three words. Thats evidence of someone inside bluehost.com employed by this organisation thats stealing money send to me. They knew i was editing the file and truncated it. Similarily in May 2015 when i used the VISA card 4121678457320025 details given by Ibrahim lamorde to pay for bluehost.com hosting account, someone in bluehost.com knew i would be doing so and covered it up by programming another action to deduct money from a paypal account linked to account in India. I do not have the VISA card issued to me Mar 2015 yet.I am saying the organisation covered up the charges to VISA card issued in my name by a parallel payment to PAYPAL account visalakshy2k4@yahoo.co.in linked to ICICI Bank account 026201518507. I still do not know who has stolen this 8.3 million dollars and many other payments to me and why i have to suffer like this? ATM card issued in Montana Aug 2016 5.5 million dollars by Jeff Wadakamper has not reached me , the organisation has shown a look alike or himself in Gokulam Mysore. Helena Regional Airport Authority 2850 Mercer Loop Helena, Montana 59602 United States Phone: 704-612-9472 Viewers of this website cannot run an organisation and collect all this money and try and kill me in India. I need to be given enough money to relocate. The payments are for my self employed self motivated efforts and is being exploited by many acting as my representatives and they have destroyed my life in California and thats a serious crime. Despite repeated requests kasikorn bank is not merging KCyberid atm5606 with the payment of 5 million made to me on Feb 2013 KCyberid atmcard803 and another payment of 25 million US dollars made on 2014 KCyberid 0084878473. This is Call to kasikorn bank i made Call to kasikorn bank This call to VISA International i made and they are not transferring me to Zenith Bank Nigeria Call to VISA Internaional today This is 2017 and i am still forced to depend on a mother and without woman in my life and i have not fathered a child either, I swear this is my self employed self motivated activity and i have been publishing these domains since 2004 and i have never recieved a single dollar subscriber help and an organisation is diverting all subscriber help and sending me emails of payments that they are not honoring and even has extorted money from me. I am unable to live in California and Thailand and be with woman and i have to depend on a poor mothers who makes 500 dollars a month pension for last several years and she is held hostage by some clever cousins and their partners and children who are partners to this crime and has attacked me several times since 2007. I am not a disabled and this is the result of my efforts as an individual and i swear i have not created an organisation or company nor requested an organisation or company to help me. My mother reported she is having health issues because of poverty and i am also able to expend below poverty levels. Last two years i have expended only less than 10000 US dollars. The financial criminals are not allowing money to be given in Indian banks nor delivery of international ATMS. I am an International but portrayed as a native of India to exploit me for many years now.The organisation that has stolen subscriber help to me is preventing me being friends with woman who can help me by partnering and covering up their crime by a show. I have solicited the help of few woman in California and USA to end this crime but i am not sure whether they are recieving my communication or not. I suspect bluehost.com is not delivering my emails.THose who have left their information is also not helping me. This is an ICICI account i started using after being stuck in India but no one has helped me by deposits and it has my mothers name also in it and i dont know if thats being misused. I swear for last two years i have been forced to use only Indian rupees from this ICICI account 026201518507 and thats the only expenditure i am making and someone is lying and covering it up. Its a low value account turnover less than 10000 US dollars last two years. Thats evidence of financial crime. I should have started expending 5 million US dollars 2013 and leading a life. This is too much cruelty inflicted on a mother. I dont think she has stolen the 8.3 million dollar ATM , i dont know if she is threatened by those who stole it but its possible that those who are acting like her friends or representatives are exploiting me and they need to be stopped. I do not like taking money from her some criminals are using her to inflict cruelty on me and using me to inflict cruelty on her and get away with the payments made to me. I have written to wellsfargo to enforce ICICI that when i log into into internet banking 526037099 my name is listed in some part of the session screens. ICICI did not do it. ICICI few days ago refused to open an account in my name saying i should get a Indian PAN card in my name pradeep kumar xplorer. Otherwise my name is not in the account and preventing international payment enforcement. I am now in chennai and now have a SBI Global VISA account with my name printed on it. But an ATM enough to solve this crime and my life situation is not delivered at POS where i authenticate myself so the thiefs are coming up with some other lies to prevent me from getting the money. ICICI bank has still not added my name in the online account for 526037099 thats evidence of open crime by a community of extremely shameless repulsive thieves exploiting me using an old mother. My personal wealth is not my mothers personal wealth and this website is my personal creation that i started in 2004 as a Yoga traveller. I object to this prolonged even a second. I have lost 13 years of my life to a community of thieves being employed using my money claiming it as family wealth or ancestral wealth.I am not being given international ATMs issued to me as Pradeep Kumar Xplorer. I am traumatised by the amount of violence inflicted on me and the poverty that i am suffering and to my knowledge my mother is also suffering.WHoever being employed by my subscribers help as service providers are thieves as i would not be in Mysore or chennai , i would be in California or Thailand somewhere else if there was no economic offense. This is a kasikorn bank i opened in 2013 and enough money could be easily given here but it is being prevented by thieves employed as bank authorities and Immigration 4132107357 KASITHBK SWIFT CODE chiangmai I spend several months in Hampi and Mysore the financial crime was not solved nor me connected with a woman who can help me solve it as a partner. Check out my youtube yoga video Yoga Sequence Its crime that youtube and google are showing access count of this youtube as 10. Thats 10 accesses by me. There are many who viewed this website as per VIEWERINFORMATION this file includes information about service providers that i am using and has used because of the cybercrime and situations created by it and their information is manually entered by me as if there was no cybercrime i might not have ever used them.I am forced to live in India against my wishes so forced to use the More store and other supermarkets here, in USA i would be using Safeway or WHolefoods or if in Thailand 711. Please create a public record that you have used my youtube clips by creating a gmail account and making a comment. Todate theres no public record that any one has used my website or Unique LoudThinking UnMoga or Course even after me publishing/authoring for 14 years and the cybercriminals are preventing any public record being created to continue this crime. The argument all money that has to be paid to me has to be paid all at once and information of all consumers of my website should be available all at once is frivolous and criminal. I created this Unique self exploration technique that i call MEOWA in 2006 while trekking but did not publish it in words but the energy was available in my website and some viewers followed it. THE US CBP and facebook exploited it and prevented me from living in California past 2008 and that has harmed me and destroyed a healthy life i had based out of California. Subsequently i created a full course in 2011. The UNique self exploration technique can be used easily by any word speaking/whispering/murmuring beings that share the same sensory realms as humans.I have sold a few hard copies of my Course/book and those who have it cannot reproduce or use it in their course material without contacting contracting with me as thats my intellectual property and i need subscription to sustain this website and my lifestyle. Those who are using MEOWA should leave a public record somewhere or in my youtube comments that they have used it and admit that it has helped them and has a certain value. I have temporarily disabled access to my website as i want some yoga practitioners or website users to admit that they have used my website so payments to me are enforced. Its extreme amount of cruelty for me to be not able to live in my natural habitat of california and to be stranded in India where i am really not relating to anyone. I have accepted that i have used few videos and enrolled in Yoga TTC's as a customer but they are not admitting they have used my course. My course or the MEOWA is not from any publicly available instruction or guidance or instruction thats available for a price. My website and all posts in it are done only by me and is not a groups creation and i really do not have anyone in my life. I do not recieve emails or telephone calls and i suspect i am exploited by service providers and that needs to be ended immediately. Where i am at is available in ICANN.org whois of my domains dhyanayoga.info pradeepkumarxplorer.com explodingmoon.org I have not fathered children, i swear i am a healthy heterosexual and i am atracted to only woman of my class / caste / being and i have been prevented to father children by this economic offense, i have not lived with a woman past 2001, i am holistic self healer who does not need services of western medical practitioners but they have been used to atack me drug me and destroy my yogabodymany times in the last 7 years and some solution has to be given to me. This economic crime covered up by many bank authorities and governments and they have to be mercilessly exposed.

You can really contact me and support me as a subscriber as well and advertiser for you by giving me your information a video or a website advertisement for an event course.

I swear i pioneered WWW browser usage in the 1990s and was relocated to USA by companies that sold the WWW browser. I was a corporate employee of SUN Microsystems and i left that company in 2002 but had no income from their corporate account past 2002. Its usual practice for Hitech employees to be given Options to retire and do something else and Sun Microsystems did not pay me Options or paid someone else. Since 2004 i published dhyanayoga.info and on the day of registering WWW companies through SUN and yoga community could have paid me easily enough money to purchase property and continue yoga travel and publish dhyanayoga.info. I suspect this money has been stolen and the same criminals to justify theft ran an organisation using dhyanayoga.info and promoted its viewers and that led to me becoming poorer and without enough cash to maintain even a rented residence in California. In 2008 US CBP Fabregas romeo created problems for me entering USA/California. When i flew into California Aprl 2008 i was not hosting dhyanayoga.info. They questioned me for long hours at SFO airport and forced me to surrender a PR status card i had with me. I had to enter and leave california and i then registered explodingmoon.org. I swear i am a self employed self motivated website publisher. I have had no income because of this open crime.

This is a man that extorted 56000Rs from me and did not deliver my ATM card worth 8.3 million dollars issued Mar2015, 4121678457320025 by zenith bank, i suspect this money to be stolen. He has to be traced and the ATM delivered to me today/tomorrow or as soon as possible Dr.Ibrahim Lamorde Office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission - (EFCC) Wuse zone 11 (fct), abuja nigeria, Motto: security watch Our ref: ng-gw-efcc-as-005-31 PHONE: +234 8033 862809

THis is the man i paid 600 dollars from Nigeria Peter Petersen Financial Service Authority (FSA) 3rd Floor Wing B, Sapetro Towers, Adeola Odeku St Luke,Lagos. I paid 600 dollars to AMK enterprises HDFC Bank. VISA international is still not connecting me to Zenith Bank in Nigeria Because of nondelivery of ATM after payment of fees of 250 dollars i remember informing many online yoga woman thinking they would be helpful to enforce the delivery of ATM now i am suspecting them. I informed Sara STover Anjana duff AMy kurtz yoga instructors who have internet presense about this 8.3 million dollar ATM they have not responded and they are suspects to me as they are not helping me get the ATM card or payments and return to california. I suspect all the yoga woman i have contacted have not helped me but harmed me. I need the Zenith ATM now or the 56000Rs back. If not the 8.3 million dollars is stolen. Someone in nigeria should physically go to this address and find out and help me get the ATM. I have stayed in Sangeeth lodge in Mysore opposite More Mega store . I am requested to pay rent and i have paid rent.If this deceptive organisation that took money from SUN Microsytems corporate account or diverted subscriber help as representatives or service providers and never paid me any money or even created a public internet record of their activity has employed someone in this lodge or paying them somemoney or owning that property i am not informed. An email to me from a viewer is a semi public record of their use, a post in a website like youtube comments is a public record, and evidence of crime is not having any public record. Why is Lucas rockwood Agamayoga yogaworks sara stover kino macgregor anjana duff having public records and me not having any public records of having published and created something of value?.I have travelled widely in Thailand and been to US Yoga studios so reluctance of these yoga teachers to create a public record they know i publish a website is intention of crime. This is a record of my payment and i have stayed in Mysore because i am not paid and an organisation/company is stealing diverting my subscrier help. Rent Payment Receipt. I swear i would not be in India if i have my ATM or money in bank accounts and i have not authorised anyone anywhere to operate payments to me as my representatives. If Ibrahim lamorde is a spammer then why i dont have public record of my website use from a 1000 Viewers from Africa?.WHy i dont have public record of my website use by anyone in USA?. I swear i am a liberated individual and does not have any family anywhere and i am isolated and exploited and prevented from being with woman by thieves.
There are more criminals viewing my website than wellwishers and helpful. I object to Viewers not creating a public record. Those who follow me or enter premises i enter by viewing my website without leaving a public record are cybercriminals to me. I stayed in many places in Mysore and changed the whois information and i still was not given the ATM. Many places demanded Indian passport copy thats an expired address, thats in Current misrepresented identity documents. In summary an organisation of extremely clever sophisticated thieves are stealing all my subscriber help and preventing me having an Identity document from USA with name Pradeep Kumar Xplorer and prevented me from leading a mature wealthy adults life with woman as a Yoga traveller worldwide in the prime of my sexual youth and they are not accepting their mistakes and guilt. Update: ICICI bank is partnering with this crime. I requested an ATM to be issued with name printed on it when i was in hospet 3 months ago. They did not. I requested them to add my name to the internet online account 526037099. I only took my mother and created an account in her name in 2012 because of KrungThai bank in Thailand not allowing me pay for bluehost.com hosting account or giving me money. I wanted to avoid opening an Indian bank account. Last year after the violence against me i added my name Pradeep Kumar Xplorer to the account 026201518507, they are criminals not adding my name in the internet banking account 526037099 for 026201518507. I really suspect the criminal politicians in India and criminal relatives and friends of my mother and father have prevented me getting money in ICICI or misusing my website. An organisation of thieves stole money send to me since 2004 calling it my mothers or fathers money and have stolen all subscriber help and justifying theft by me getting paid by my mother 400 dollars a month. These criminals want to steal 300 million dollars a year claiming this website as groups or mothers company organisation and pay me just 400 dollars a month. CITIBANK INDIA in bangalore is another group of criminals that did not allow me to restart my account with them for low value. Instead of helping me get Indians subscribers help they showed a look alike of AMY and a look alike of criminal Kannan who has attacked me in cheplamuri. I am not getting money into KASIKORN Bank account or getting ATMS issued to me or full account details or did not get any money into SBI Bank account also 20196908279. The criminal organisation employed a look alike of sarala who with Sridhar and two sons are holding my mother hostage in palakkad in the ICICI Bank i entered in Mysore.Sridhar and its two sons are criminals who attacked me in 2013 and because of this crime my mother is still forced to stay with them she has to be protected from them as well. They have damaged her eyes drugging her and using chemicals as eye drops.Last year after the violence against me i added my name Pradeep Kumar Xplorer to the account 026201518507, they are criminals not adding my name in the internet banking account 526037099 for 026201518507. I want it enforced my name is added now. I logged into the internet online userid 526037099 but they are not showing my name to enforce payments. The Indian banks and authorities are lying that i am not in Mysore now. I did not get a solution to this problem when in Mysore nor i was paired up with a yoga traveller who can help me as a dependent in a US yoga village or elsewhere to avoid me depending on my old mother. I spend few months in Mysore. When i arrived i stayed in railway station. Then i stayed in Anugraha lodge for two months. After that i stayed in Vishu Muni hotel in Gokulam and then i stayed in Dasharath hotel and in Sangeeth lodge. I have given WHois information of my domains to point to anugraha lodge, Vishu Muni hotel and Dasarath hotel and my ATMs were not delivered. This is organised crime by many bank authorities. I tried connecting with travelling woman in Depthe Greene Hotel in Mysore but instead of helping me as a 47 year with 14 year cybercrime, they attacked me. I am saying i am victim of financial crime by some yoga community and many related to my father and mother for their survival. ICICI bank is openly criminal for not adding my name. I thought of creating IDBI bank account while in Mysore area to get an ATM with my name but they did not help. THis is many claiming to be my representatives stealing my money as employees and has prevented me from being in USA and preventing me from connecting with yoga woman in California who need to help me now. I am saying the theft is by saying they are using my money for providing services. while in Mysore i was shown a box that has Iball android tablet for 4500Rs and it had the picture of some indian woman some advertisement model whose name i am not remembering. I had 8500Rs with me then and i really need both the big tablet and a small camera android for mobile. Instead of a yoga woman offering me a TABLET and comforting me by massages and sex, i have to buy a box with some advertisement models photo who these thieves are paying. I am worried why all indian and US police and viewers of my website now and in the past cannot make a comment and create a public record they have used my website. I suspect many criminals employed in bluehost.com to delete emails and alter my files. I need to be helped by someone physically inside USA a woman. I am stating these i dont have any income other than from a mother. I own this website and all payments made to this website. My mother is not a partner to this website. I have no interest in any temples in akathethara or palakkad or elsewhere. I am losing my time. I have been exploited and continue to be exploited.Receipt of payment for room in Mysore I am exploited by poor unemployed and they are holding me hostage and prevented me from entering California enjoying naturist hotsprings and fathering a child in a woman. I have created UNique Intellectual property and i am not a UNiversity professor. The evidence of financial crime is lack of public record of use of my website many exploiting me by calling me wealthy, and then they would irritate me saying i am poor by showing me couples. I am now in chennai and have logged in my domain manager and changed whois to chennai. Its still not changed. I am here to get the ATM/Money transferred to bank. I met my mother after Mysore and she is too old to help and know what i am saying. So i repeatedly requested that a woman be arranged as a partner/spouse for me as it is dangerous for me to continue this life. The evidence of me pioneering the browser usage is me not being able to set username as Pradeep Kumar Xplorer in Facebook and twitter. I have not lived in a relation while i published dhyanayoga.info, this is deception and crime to mix what happened when i lived as a SUN employee in California to what happened when i lived as a website publisher based out of California. I am now in Chennai and hoping ethical yoga woman would help me get the money and help me get a US address in few weeks. I repeat i am poor beause of theft of my money and that poverty is preventing me from flowering as a yogin and father even at the age of 47. This is an organisation of thieves flowing with the world criminals.I repeat i need to be helped by independent ethical yoga travel woman now to get the money and to have an address in USA as having an address in USA would solve the crime. SOmeone in USA is collecting money paid to me and employing many. They are shamelessly calling me a disabled US person(See ICICI Bank application form.. this is shameless organisation using my former name and many lies to justify theft) THis is evidence EVidence of IETF docs i have written to prove i pioneered the Browser usage as User software professional

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I have requested Anjana duff who have i met online and who was in my past FB frendlist for a day for helping me immediately as my life is in danger. I am wishing she is not helped by the organisation of thieves that has stolen and stealing my subscribers help to sustain her life in USA or develop her website, i have requested her to help me enforce payment or immediately have a yoga practicing woman of my class propose to me and help me in a short term relation to california so i can use her address and relocate in a marital status as the Immigration authorities uses such vocabulary and has harmed and exploited me for 13 years. A look alike of her has met me in Hampi 2015 and we have smoked a WIN cigarette together and shared an auto ride from hampi to hospet and that woman went to badami but i remember touching her glutes when she gave me a Bye hug and she had the same body as Amy starkey. I am saying i dont know who that is. I have now only 600 Indian rupees with me and i have not expended any cash last 13 years other than my savings from SUN microsystems employment and money that a poor angry mother gave me. I have a right and need to sell my website and enjoy subscription. Please help enforce anjana duff help me or have another woman help me as i dont want me to be attacked in palakad and drugged and my website destroyed. I request anjana duff to find out who subscribes that views my website and why they are not helping me directly or enforcing payment

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Evidences of cybercrime. No public record or comment of use of my website in my website. My website is not featured or referred in other website nor my intellectual property published. Theres no public record of me contributing to WWW browser revolution as a pioneer user and as someone employed by SUN Microsystems and who has lived in California and naturalised by long periods of life there. My youtube clips not getting any comments. Me getting attacked many times past 2007 during course of publishing dhyanayoga.info. Me not able to expend more than 10000 dollars a year last several years. Facebook and twitter not allowing me to set my name as Pradeep Kumar Xplorer. The criminals in US and Indian government and some international banks still keeping my former name in their database. Me not being able to be with a woman or travel with a woman past 2001. Me not being able to flower into a yogin or father even at the age of 47. This is open theft by many shameless. Those who attacked me living scott free and still able to harm me. I have been contacting VISA international and many others.The organisation of economic thieves are still misrepresenting me as someone with a house in akathethara gayatri palakkad -8 and allowing clever criminal cousins that has purchased that property to exploit me by holding a mother hostage and partnering with the organisation to prevent me from receieving money attacking and harming me many times using criminal western medical practitioners and hospitals.The organisation of economic thieves are still exploiting me using a former surname and a son of a mother and father with some surname thats misused as a family name and even at the age of 47 after being succesful as software engineer and WWW publisher i still dont have money send to me and i am forced to depend on a mothers pension of 500 dollars a month last nine years

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